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Red5 Tattoo Shop
Custom, world-class tattooing for the discerning individual.

Skills Include

Black & Grey




Photo Realism

About Red5 Tattoo Shop

Red5 Tattoo Shop is the banner under which I, Cody Meyer, am currently working. I am a licensed and professional tattooer with over 13 years of world experience, having traveled and worked most of the United States, parts of the UK and Europe. I am currently taking new clients with rad ideas. I will be traveling quite a bit this year doing guest spots primarily in the Midwest.


My aim is to give each client something they themselves, didn't even expect. To do expert tattooing at fair prices and to always exceed expectations.


I have over 13 years of professional tattoo experience, working in such places as, South Florida, Boston, Mass., England and Germany.


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective to continue giving my clients my absolute best.


Seeing what other artists won't, capturing what others can't.

Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then, let my work tell your story.